Karner "Kampaign"


In June, Senator Neil Breslin (46th District NYS Senate) introduced Karner Blue for State Butterfly Legislation! THANK YOU, Senator Breslin! Here is the letter I received from the Senator and the Karner Blue lesgislation summary.

The Karner Blue and Senator Breslin need your help to get the Karner Blue legislation (S6307 BRESLIN) pass in the Senate. IMPORTANT: The Karner Blue also needs Assembly support. What can you do? Get permission from your principal, teachers, and coaches to circulate this petition. Send your signed petitions. to your NY assemblymember and senator. Their addresses can be found at the NYS Assembly and the NYS Senate websites. Also, be sure to thank Senator Breslin for introducing the Karner Blue for State Butterfly legislation.

Please e-mail me at karina@kidsmade.org so I can track Karner support. My friends and I collected 347 signatures from our school in June!