State Butterfly Election Results

Here are the official results counted and certified on 01/07/2008 by Jo-Ann Dyckman, the Cortlandt Town Clerk.

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Senator Vincent Leibell, Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi, Lynne Jackson and John Wolcott of Save the Pinebush, members of the press and my family were present for the official tally.

Official Results for the New York State Butterfly Election
Black Swallowtail394311.71%
Karner Blue1148934.12%
Milbert's Tortoiseshell33479.94%
Mourning Cloak24347.23%
Red Spotted Purple or White Admiral1246137.00%
Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, "Karner Blue" Kampaign Manager Karina Franke, Senator Vincent Leibell and Town Clerk Jo-Ann Dyckman announcing the official results

Thank You!

About 15 months ago (October, 2006), the Karner Blue for State Butterfly Kampaign was born. We had a tremendous amount of support. First, the Karner Kampaign is extremely grateful to Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and her office for sponsoring the State Butterfly Vote and inviting me to appear on the Dear Sandy TV show to pitch the endangered Karner Blue. We're also very thankful to Governor Spitzer and Secretary Marty Mack, as well as all the legislators and activists who have lent their support throughout the last year - Senator Neil Breslin, Senator Vincent Leibell, and U.S. Congressman John Hall, and all the Assembly members who invited the schools in their districts to participate in the Kid Vote; Mr. Chris Hawver of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission; and Rezsin Adams, Lynne Jackson and John Wolcott and all the members of Save the Pine Bush - an Albany organization that has worked to protect the Karner Blue and its habitat for thirty years.

Finally, thank you, thank you to all the teachers and students who participated in the vote and share our dream to make sure New York does not join the list of states where the Karner Blue is extinct, especially my Furnace Woods teachers, Ms. Howell, Ms. Podesta, and Mrs. Toovey, my parents, and my great friends and fellow Karner Kids, especially Ben Sasine, Spencer Mazzilli, and Tess Cronin.